Bread Cutter

Bread Packing 3 (Sandwich Cutter)
Price : RM 34

Bread Case (for sandwich cutter at above) - pink, brown or blue
Price : RM26

Sandwich Bread Cutter
Material: Polypropylene (heat temperature 110 degrees)
Size: 110 × 110 × 35mm
Price : RM25

Mini Bread Packing 2 (sandwich cutter)
Size : When setting it W15×D17×H3.5cm.
Weight : 225g
Price : RM57

Bread Cutter Guide
Size : L
Price : RM58

Bread Packing 1 (sandwich cutter)
Size : When setting it W15×D17×H3.5cm.
Weight : 220g
Price : RM57

Flower Pan Cup (Bread Mould/Bread Cutter)
Material ;
Cutter : Polypropylene(heatproof temperature: 120 degrees)
Cup: Aluminum(anodized aluminum processing)
Size ;
Die and flower type: W12×D10cm
Round type: W11.5×D10cm
Crown type: W11.5×D10.5cm commonness: H3 cm
Cup : φ8×H4 cm
Weight ;
Die flower type: 20g
crown type: 18g
Round type: 16g cup (1 piece): ) 16g
Price : RM60

Bread Crumbs Cutter
Price : RM 57

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